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MSD Organizer Freeware is the freeware version of our flag-ship program MSD Organizer, which is a full-featured organizer software used by thousands of users worldwide.

Download MSD Organizer Freeware

Click on the following links to download this free organizer software:

MSD Organizer Freeware: English version (9190 Kb)

MSD Organizer Portable Freeware: English version (12263 Kb)

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If you want to support the development of this free organizer software, you can do it from our donation page:


Additional Features of MSD Organizer Professional

The professional version of MSD Organizer provides the following additional features, which you can also see (but not use) in this free PIM software:

  • Additional modules: Diary, Property, Budget, Health, Music and Mail.
  • Google Contacts synchronization: maintain your contacts synchronized between your computer and your Google Contacts.
  • History manager: keep track of your relationships with your clients, providers, banks, contacts, etc, with this powerful tool.
  • Advanced filter (Ctrl-T): find the records containing any text in any field in a matter of seconds.
  • Network messages: exchange text messages with other MSD Organizer users in your local area network.
  • News: use this tool to keep track of information with an expiry date.

All these features will be fully available after purchasing a license of the professional version of MSD Organizer at our purchase webpage:


All the information entered in MSD Organizer Freeware will be still valid after installing the professional version. Simply follow these steps:

  • Run MSD Organizer Freeware and make a backup. Store it in a safe place, not in the program folder.
  • Uninstall completely MSD Organizer Freeware.
  • Install the professional version of MSD Organizer.
  • Run the program and restore the backup you made in the first step
  • Your data should be available now in MSD Organizer Pro.

We hope you will enjoy this free organizer software for a long time, as many thousands of users worldwide already do.

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