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Welcome to MSD Soft's Software Project.

Hi, my name is Manuel Sebares Díaz. I am a software engineer, designer and lead developer of the programs you can find in this website.

I encourage you to download our Universal Installer and check all our software at once. I am sure you will find that they are very useful, like many thousands of users have already discovered.

Our Goal

We are a group of engineers with more than 25 years of experience in analysis and programming of technical and management applications in different platforms. Since 1999 we have been developing applications for Windows.

The main goal of MSD Soft is the development of powerful and easy to use information managers for all kinds of users: companies, professionals and individuals.

Our commitment with our clients, who fortunately are counted by thousands in the whole world, is doing everything that is in our hand to make their experience with our programs as satisfactory and productive as possible.


MSD Soft is located in Canary Islands (Spain), in the nice island of Gran Canaria, in the cities of Las Palmas and Telde.

MSD Soft Location
Canary Islands, Spain

Support by Electronic Mail


We provide to our customers and users support via email. We do not provide support by phone to avoid the spend of an inordinate amount of time dealing with recurrent support issues, which can be perfectly addressed by email. The final goal is to give to our customers the best possible support service.

Contact the Author

If you wish to contact the author of MSD Soft's programs for any reason not regarding support issues, visit this contact page.


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