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Ready to use MSD Soft's software without limitations?

If you like any of our programs, we encourage you to purchase a license. We have spent thousands of hours during the last fifteen years to ensure that our software is as useful and easy to use as possible.

Every time we sell a license of any of our programs, we get a lot of satisfaction, not only for the money, which is necessary to go ahead, but because each sale means that our work has been appreciated by someone enough as to invest his/her money.

Fortunately there are thousands of users who have purchased a license to use our programs over the years.

If you have doubts about the safety of the buying process, please contact the author directly using this form and we will be glad to answer your questions.

We wish that you decide to buy our software licenses and hope to count you among our customers and friends :)

By the way, we offer to our customers an interesting gift, and occasionally we have a nice discount that should not be missed.

If you are convinced to use our software without limitations, please continue reading...

Thanks for buying MSD Soft's software. We assure you that every penny you will invest in our programs will be worthwhile, because since 1999 we strive to make our software as useful, powerful and easy to use as possible.

  • MSD Soft's programs are Shareware, you can test them for free to see if they meet your needs. To use them without limitations you need to purchase a License.
  • Standard License: allows to use current main version and future minor versions of the registered program (minimum one year).
  • Lifetime License: allows to use current version and all future versions of the registered program (pay once and enjoy the program for life).
  • Personal versions of our programs can be installed in the computers of the license owner (for instance, desktop computer and laptop computer).
  • Multiuser versions of our programs: the Server application can be installed in one computer of the Local Area Network, the Client application can be installed in all the computers of the LAN (other companies charge for every network installation).
  • The registration key to unlock our programs is delivered immediately after the purchase is made.

MSD Soft's Universal License

Universal License - Best Buy

If you are interested in using two or more MSD Soft's programs, take into account MSD Soft's Universal License, which includes Lifetime Licenses for ALL our programs, at an irresistible price. This is a real deal and for a good reason our best selling product. Looking at our prices it is very easy to know why.

Just One Payment and you will enjoy ALL MSD Soft's programs with free upgrades for life.

Bonus For You When You Purchase Any MSD Soft Program

When you purchase any of our programs you will get the following useful product for free:

MSD CryptoMSD Crypto: easy to use encryptor program, available only to MSD Soft clients, that will help you to protect your private files from unauthorized access, ESSENTIAL for safe keeping important documents in the cloud.

Meet Our Latest Thousand Clients

MSD Soft's ClientsThousands of users worldwide use our software daily.


How to Purchase MSD Soft's Programs Licenses

In order to purchase one or more licenses of our software, you must follow these steps:

  • Select the Programs you wish to Purchase (the price will be updated as you select license types).
  • Enter your Contact Information in the registration form (we will use this information for the invoice). Professionals, freelancers and companies can use that invoice to account the purchase as a deductible expense.
  • Pay using Paypal Secure Payment Services (Paypal, Credit Card or Money Transfer). The purchase process is completely safe.
  • Upon verification of the payment, you will receive immediately a registration key to unlock the programs you have purchased.

MSD Soft's Purchase Form

Select the programs you wish to purchase

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MSD Soft's Universal License
Our most successful product: Lifetime Licenses for ALL our programs.


MSD Organizer Lite
MSD Organizer
MSD Organizer Multiuser
MSD Tasks
MSD Tasks Multiuser
MSD Documents
MSD Documents Multiuser
MSD Collections
MSD Collections Multiuser
MSD Employees
MSD Employees Multiuser
MSD Strongbox
MSD Strongbox Multiuser
MSD Sales
MSD Sales Multiuser
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Payment is completely safe. Your data will remain encrypted at all times and completely protected.


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